The Love, life and Motivation

The Physics of Love – Akshay Kumar Das

If you were Sine^2  “I ” and I was Cos^2 “U
then we both will be Equal to one!
like sin^2 I + cos^2 U = 1
But to make “U” as a Cos^2 I need two side love!
 Same as our cosine rule requires either
three sides or two sides oops and the included angle.


The Physics of Love

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I lost to you when I loved you – the Deep meaning of mutual respect!!

In a relationship, never ever go ego. life has many aspects. isn’t it? , if you truly love him/her, You will never get persuaded to show anger to small things. in any conversation, if you lose. just give a gentle kiss to him/her forehead and say i lost to you when I loved you,  this is just a conversation, Juliet!  or Romeo.

When someone said, I will give my life to you… I will surrender to you.. and in small conversation when we lose, will that break us?, Never.

Love is the ultimate goal of each and every creature in this world. If you truly care, someone, then you can handle and convert hell out of things as a beautiful heaven of sweet moments. This can be done by deleting Ego.

Never be too careful to handle, Be eager to get the love, Love the life as it is, never judge too much, never carry misunderstandings, bury them in the past if any, carry pure love, not pretending love!

I’m not telling that we have to compromise with everything, I’m emphasizing the things which become displeasure by our ego and misunderstandings. we live just for 100 years as an average, If more? I don’t know.. I don’t want to be. In this very limited time, we love someone so deeply that we cannot miss, Initially, people have these in their mind, But why couldn’t control their ego or couldn’t stop themselves in falling to the pit of misunderstandings and get ruin their life.

Forgive !! keep move on. Don’t ever drag too much and make your life a mess. and for men: man is one who brings the smile on the girl’s face, not tear or hatred;

for women, ” Women is one who should be the reason for this creation like nature, shouldn’t be calamities to men who suffer; they try to build a whole heaven for you, never disrespect him… he is a prince only if you behave as princes.. he loves you like a father, he takes responsibility.. He dies internally just to feed the kids and wife.. through a whole lot of trouble he protects you. ( I’m not telling women can’t protect herself, she can, I mean Husband who lift his family..) both men and women are true identities of this nature.. mutual respect will make this life a paradise.

Love every moment. #one Romeo for you #kiss of love

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