Introduction to Astrophysics #1 – Akshay kumar das

Let us know more about stellar evolution, we all will be surely amazed by this extraordinary process of star birth to death. Why do nations invest so much money for research in Astrophysics? Have ever thought, consider NASA, they invest billions on to the Space and Astrophysics, You know the science of stellar evolution and … Continue reading Introduction to Astrophysics #1 – Akshay kumar das

Philosophy of life #1 Akshay kumar das

#Blogger #Akshay Kumar DasPhilosophy of life What is the biggest achievement in your life?Hello friends, Life is a complex journey, isn't it ?  but ease of handling life and quality of life is measured by the actions we take for every reaction with the surrounding people. We have everything to live a happy life, more or … Continue reading Philosophy of life #1 Akshay kumar das

What are Gravitational Waves?

#Astrophysics #blogger #science What are Gravitational Waves? Artist’s conception of two black holes orbiting one another and producing gravitational waves.  Image Credit :[ NASA ] Gravitational waves Gravitational Waves Are are 'ripples' in the fabric of space-time caused by some of the most violent and energetic processes in the Universe. Albert Einstein :predicted the existence of gravitational … Continue reading What are Gravitational Waves?

Heart lines – 1 By Akshay kumar Das

Hey Guys, She knew he owns nothing, but she also knew his strength, She was a elegant soul and he was insane soul yet knows his goal he can give everything she wish for,but she wish nothing more than his time and love forever! that's perfect mates. We call soul mates. For emotional words and … Continue reading Heart lines – 1 By Akshay kumar Das