Sunshine Blogger Award – Nomination

Hi Friends, back with new post?, no new Tag/Blogger award nomination, Yes, I'm happy that in eleven nomination of my fellow blogger, I'm one of them, cause it's a supab and really great to be "Recognized by someone for this award. " Here I'm introducing the person who nominated me, She writes for life, for … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award – Nomination

Thermodynamics of the black hole

Hi Friends, One of my fellow blogger asked me to answer regarding this topic, Thermodynamics of the black hole - Bekenstein-Hawking formula. Asked By : Malavika K (Do Visit her Colorful, thought soothing poetry Blog), So let us move on to Bekenstein-Hawking formula, this formula describes the thermodynamic entropy of a black hole with … Continue reading Thermodynamics of the black hole

A Poem – When she will enter your life! ❤️Akshay Kumar Das ❤️

When she will enter into your life You are surprised at her, boundless love. she is gonna fall in love with your little cute fingers, tiny hands. adorable little face, Pure relationship begins. she holds them and play with it. She is going to Gently kiss your Nose. You will get all positive immunity and … Continue reading A Poem – When she will enter your life! ❤️Akshay Kumar Das ❤️

A poem : Surviving in the love – Cinderella (by my imagination)

My Dear Cinderella, I Like to look into your eyes for a minute Till my warmth and heart beat reach your ears and senses I shall not blink my eyes until, Let me hold your hands During the arduous situations My heart whistles I have super sense, when you are gruelling ! I know you … Continue reading A poem : Surviving in the love – Cinderella (by my imagination)

You are special to me – Poem

Why did you take my breath away? Love is like a burning candle, but still I’m okay, The moment we born from the Day we crawl to grave love is the best thing yaar !   I would happily die on your lap, If death welcomes But will be afraid to live without you To … Continue reading You are special to me – Poem

Never think that your life has no value

"Never think that your life has no value, cause someone might be praying god and counting the days until meeting you again." He Wrote. - Akshay Kumar Das Copyright © 2018 by Akshay Kumar [Samal das akshay] All rights reserved. This Post or any portion thereafter may not be reproduced or used in any manner … Continue reading Never think that your life has no value

Here’s the first image of a black hole – black hole at galaxy Messier 87

Astronomers Capture First Image of a Black Hole An international collaboration presents paradigm-shifting observations of the gargantuan black hole at the heart of distant galaxy Messier 87