Celebrating Raag Yaman – Raaga retreat – 2 – By Niraj Golwalkar- My diaries, Informal write-up!-Blog #2 A.K Das

How are you all ? My fellow readers, Yes this took a long time to write back.

He : Hey What’s all about today?

She : Madhyam Teevra,

He : What?

She : Rest all Shuddha Swaras,

He : Are you crazy? what’s that?

She : Raag Yaman,

He : Hey yes, LOL That’s Raag Yaman.

He : Let me tell you a story, Middle C, E flat and G walk into a bar.

“Sorry,” the bar person said. “We don’t serve to minors.”

He : Then came Yaman group, !! Bar person left them inside, Do you know why?

She : No minors in that group (Raag yaman)

he : So finally !! Yes, the day was dedicated to this beautiful raaga, Raag Yaman it is one of the most popular Ragas in Indian classical music and is usually one of the first ones taught to students,I have learnt a bit… Would love to learn more in future.

Perhaps one of the greatest examples of Music is the best partner for you is, Plan a trip alone, headphones plugins and Music accompany you. Isn’t it? Music is partner for you?

During Exams I listen Uplifting Music and Flute music, precisely Bansuri Flute Music – Indian Meditation forms are really soothing and will literally take you to an unknown world and helps your mind to relax and bring higher calmness.

This was started on December end 2018, Our beloved person had planned another session, the great thing about some people is that they are going to prove that the great things happen in a “Team together”, once your best people meet, you are going to see amazing things happening around you. So the success of the first session lead to Raag retreat – 2, For new readers of my blog, please follow the link at the end of the write-up on the first session.

So coming back to this Raaga retreat – 2, I was appreciating the person who says “When you believe you are with a family, a musical beings, that’s gonna make you feel as close similar to your family”, So that person never wanted anyone to miss the session, so planned in such a way that everyone will be able to visit the session.

Who’s that person??

He is our beloved Niraj sir, Introducing him in each post is not an extra line, it’s a prime requirement. Mr.Niraj Golwalkar Sir is a great musician and he holds a Sangeet Visharad, He teaches Hindustani vocals in Bengaluru and also manages to have corporate hat in private company.

We have planned a session, an informal group was created, when the day arrived, got a Pop-up , a message by Niraj sir,

Niraj sir : “ Hey all – will open the group on Friday.. “

Felt exciting, had an Exam, so thought was that an anxiety? or excitement? or both.

Some of the instructions by Niraj sir arrived as messages –

Earlier we thought a Color theme (Refer Raga retreat 1), but since it’s winter not all can manage the same Color.. so please wear any Color..)Niraj sir is great leader too, he tries to understand the situation and actuate to create a common good for folks.

Ensure you wear some warm clothes..

as our place will be slightly colder than Bangalore city, yes the nature farm was cold out there.

Carry any specific emergency medicines (in case), Hopefully everyone got to go with good health.

I think this is crazy words by sir, – there mobile signals are not that great.. Best thing to disconnect with world for a day. Ha ha golden words…!!

Yes, many times, Cell phones interrupts us lot, a day without one is a beautiful concept, A solitude without a mobile, enhances the experience of the session.

So readers, this session happened on 3rd Feb 2019, Every day sun wakes me up, but I woke up earlier than him on that day, went to the common place as planned by team.

NOTICE : Biryani zone (beside A2B gali), Niraj sir given a caution, be on time was important word!!

We have planned 5:45AM, when I arrived at the place yep,Biryani zone (beside A2B gali), I could see a Gentleman, bondhu (Bro) Arithro giri, you call bandhu or bondu it is your choice with a bengali person, but Arithro speaks English, So I called Bondu bro, I was able to recognize him in mist filled atmosphere.

A person who has planned to give wake up calls to all, an initiative by Rema mohan das ma’am, a Young from heart, Cool mother and beloved well wisher, Ma’am had come.

Can’t forget her humorous message with a volunteers task :

It goes like this,

Hi, People of mine .

The tasks may run like this:

1) Lugging all items from the bus to the cottage.

2) Spreading Mats for sitting.

3) Repacking it once session completes.

4)Setting up the sound system…(I think We had excellent people for that but setting up sound system will be there till the end, need to set at every time your mic passes a person, so everyone is kind of Sound engineers there)

5) serving food and water.

6) carrying old people like me on your shoulders ….

7) Unseen tasks may also come up. (Precautions)

“Now you may give your names as you think fits for the tasks.”

Also Rema ma’am is having profound knowledge on managing things and have the ability to suggest a things with humorous touch,

So very important message was like

“Please give all a chance to do some good work ….

Ladies you may also volunteer for the work which needs some physical powers

But this is not the time to play …hum bhi kuch kam nahi” LOL.

See, WOW, Rema ma’am’s writing… loads of love ma’am.

So people started to join us in a minute and so, some started to call, will be there in a minute.. There were people waiting in the next slot !! picking region, New names like Polo, rang in my ears, Paulomy stepped, Mandhiri ma’am, Lopita behera, Lalitha, Yashaswi, Ritika Jain and her sister Shivali Jain who is an excellent crafting artist (@craftinglovesj).

-Akshadha and her parents – the only kid, Yes we had little girl, we are very happy to see her parents joy. It’s really amazing, parents are tuning the kids from the very beginning with kids interest being a major important. Akshadha was flowery child.
The Dashing Pirate with his ship and a captain arrived in a Bus, Asif bhai from the Islands of Smondoville along with Niraj sir.
Also Rohit – Photographer and backbone of retreat-1 and 2 and many more.. And dearest friend of Niraj sir.

Our Bangalore, the bustling IT city of India is a gem located down south, isn’t it? If you are planning a visit to this dynamic city, you don’t need to be ready with any big plans, the cultural plans here are always planned during weekends for ease of arrangements. If you are free on weekends, that works out, give time to your passion, There are some exciting places that you can look forward to visiting, concerts and music sessions are loaded in the weekends.

Bangalore outskirts are famous because from tranquillity of forests to charm of sizzling water parks and temples we find here, Wonder La, national park, bannerghatta, these are really good places.

As the motto of the Raaga retreat was on Nature with music and Music considered on priority. We have planned to visit the undisturbed mini-forest plot progressively developed by well maintained rich micro- and macro-fauna, also house to creatures from insects to squirrels, birds Etc, it’s Prakruti Farms, Taralu estate cross, Tharalu, Kaggalipura, Bengaluru. It’s a really great place to visit.

People who were coming this time were not new for me, few are already in my mind, because first session was the reason, new guys are new for me until the session finishes because new guys become familiar now.
Leena is a mastermind behind all the routes and pickups/ Also an  excellent singer, the bengaluru being a metropolitan now, the ongoing metro construction will drag a few hours of travel hence, a plan in picking the Singers and music lovers was challenging.

A pre-planned route was fed into the mind of the Mini bus driver, I was on the front cabin, like a guide to driver, along with me, Guess the person?(For readers who read my previous article), without whom we shall not plan such sessions, Rockstar Raza, Asif raza. Sunita ma’am, Priyank sir, Rajendra sir on the way… Happy to connect back with very talented Priyank sir and Sunita ma’am. Manjunatha sir joined the session.

In Spite of our Superfast mini bus, we failed to reach first, cause Swapna – reached first to resort. Hope to see someone earlier than us.

So finally reached the destination. Few of them, already knew the format of the session, we would definitely go for a nature walk, and have a morning breakfast, It had a previously stuck memories stuck to every tree,gardens, coconut trees, many. As in the beginning I said, this session is a Music with nature, We had a person named “Mr.Raja” who owns a farm, and a nature lover, also a Snake protector, we were on the safer side, as this mini forest spreads across the acres and was thick green area, a snake is not a guest I think they own a place. But we haven’t invited them. So person helped us to explore more on the terrain, plants, bushes, trees, climbers, fruits whatnot. Thanks to him.

There was a surprise birthday celebration, That was Priyank sir, a sound healing expert, I think one will surely be lucky or I can say would be a great day to celebrate on such occasion. We all wished him a happy birthday. Few of our friends sung a song dedication. Lalitamba – came in spite of being not well and sang a birthday song. I think music can heal anything, no matter how tense or ill, different music forms will heal and uplift you.

Let’s come to the topic of the session, Raaga, So we have planned for the raag yaman.

Everyone sang one by one, new people Bitha – singer and flutist happy to meet her, a very talented Srisannidhi – His Keyboard added an extra melody to our session. Thank you Srisannidhi. Lakshmi Ma’am, a Carntatic singer and sang beautiful kannada song.
Rajender ji and his friend – painted the pot so beautifully, we have taken a group photo out there, It’s a combination of Art and Music too. Tejaswini – sang krishna nee began baro, a divine melody, Sravanthi , spiritual singer stays beside the Prakruti farms, happy to meet her too.
I was completely energized by the songs and tunes, The Music group combines their creative energies and talent to put up an authentic soulful music.

Anjali works in SBI, We would thank her for two reasons, she held the Mic throughout the session, hehe , Also for attending the session, cause anjali stays outside the bangalore,

The Musical Folks is always searching for the platform,few of them sung the best songs. Ramavatar an excellent singer who sang man mandira classical song, happy to meet ramavtar ji and interact with him. Rohit sinha a multitalented harmonica player and singer fortunate to meet him. Artistic integrity is revealed in a group, people will surely open up their heart and mind to sing.

Unlike many of the session, this was purely an experience, one would experience only when one visits, cause this is not a concert but we sing here, this is not a nature trip, but we dwell here.

It was a calm, overcast day, and I found myself resting on the corner seat for sometime, and started to say goodbye to each one of them getting down in the respective stops, A “Anthakshari was already set a buzz on the go, by Lopita and team. Here and their people started interacting with each other getting to know more about the interests. I was happy. Yet were being held down, giving a silent rhapsody of joy and sorrow of leaving friends so early.

Srivalsam and Krishnendu could not join because of health, hope many more such sessions would come and we will connect back with the same spirit.

Mandhira Ma’am says about this,

Feb 3rd was “the” day, filled with music and peace

Yes Feb 3rd ,a day out in Nature with lots of ease

Yaman Raag rang in our ears and heart

Serenity of Yaman washed away all the dirt

A group healing and lots of jamming added to the fun

This time there was no rain,only the brightest sun

Not to forget the delicious spread of food

Not to forget the mix of people ,all very good

Hope we meet up soon again

Yes we must meet up soon again…

Thank you each and everyone,

  • A.k Das

For Feedback and valuable suggestions:
Mail me: akshaykumarphysics@gmail.com


Read in PDF Format : RAAGA RETREAT – 2 – #RECAP Writeup

Raaga Retreat - 2.jpg
Raaga retreat – 2

Previous session : https://melodiesphysics.wordpress.com/2018/08/17/raaga-retreat-version-1-akshay-kumar-das-my-diaries-informal-writeup%e2%9d%a4%f0%9f%98%8a%f0%9f%8e%b5/


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