Never think that your life has no value

“Never think that your life has no value, cause someone might be praying god and counting the days until meeting you again.” He Wrote.

– Akshay Kumar Das

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4 thoughts on “Never think that your life has no value

  1. Hi , No, actually I believe in Karma (result of a person’s actions), (the matter of consequences), randomness is purely probabilistic in nature(most of the time we even cannot state that as probabilistic) it’s much more complex, Life is something which cannot be understood with the pure mathematics. But randomness is true for those who believe in it, the life is a series of choices and mediocre, sometimes it’s an even progression, you may end up with good, or ODD next bad, so truly, I don’t believe in correlations or randomness.

    If we talk about partner of life, (mostly Indian), For example a girl who will be ready to marry, usually in India, they bring out a groom by searching the person of their desired without even knowing the person a will be get married, so girl got a random person to be getting into her life. This vice versa. Same for men, (unpredictable)

    “Never think that your life has no value, cause someone might be praying god and counting the days until meeting you again.”

    In above lines, more than randomness We can see karma, if someone is great to be worshiped, they need not find the devotee, people find their way to reach them, so anyway here also we may come across the randomness. But in physics this is significant.

    But let me put it across, what part of randomness i believe if you ask me, the quantum mechanics, here In the quantum mechanics primary quest begins with this randomness, as a physics enthusiasts I wonder this world and think sometimes what is the purpose my life,

    So randomness is purely assumption basis,

    Schrödinger’s’ cat,
    Schrödinger explained that if you place a cat and also poisonous substance that could kill the cat (a radioactive atom) in a box and sealed it, you would not know if the cat was dead or alive until you opened the box, so that until the box was opened, the cat was (living) or dead.
    So “dead and alive”.

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