Philosophy of life #1 Akshay kumar das

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Philosophy of life 

What is the biggest achievement in your life?

Hello friends, Life is a complex journey, isn't it ?  but ease of handling life and quality of life is measured by the actions we take for every reaction with the surrounding people.

We have everything to live a happy life, more or less.

Don't we ? Probably the most crucial things Like a roof over head, food to survive this was sufficient for a man we thought. People to live with? No, we lack in that last fact, We have less connected with people than actually we bond with the gadgets.

Our procrastination is mostly controlled by “The devices”, those which we started use for making ease of life, but now gadgets started betraying us, or we started using more? Does these devices ranging from a palm phone to computer laptops, they help us to connect with the world, but will they help us in Connecting directly to people’s heart?, will they enhance your bonding.. ?

I would say spend time in carving the life, rather than picturing the life in the virtual world, spend lots of time with people. I’m not denying we should not use these , but everything falls to fit, but to its limit. So, the biggest achievement in life is handling the consistency of happiness, we often ask people How are you?, why would we ask that question, will our life cannot be happy all time.. I agree, the Joy And grief is part of life..

But merely they stay as one, where happiness might be today’s breakfast, surely we would end up a bad supper tonight. So how consistent you are in handing happy life. Actually, you don’t need to be aware of the things outside, you Will do it fine.. But do look into the inner thoughts, Will Reena love me? Will she hate me? Will my child pass exams, should I quit my job to find better. But in spite of these thoughts we will show a happy status in the whatsapp and Facebook, who Knows the inside.

So Please know more the fresh and clear minded inside you, you end up in happy life outside, without actually aware you will choose best options in life, people will start noticing you, even you don’t tell them actually what you feel about them, problems get solved without greater efforts.  

We don’t need a happy status to spread across people… If your mind is clear with what you want, all will say, “ I feel you are happy this morning,” Cause life reflects that happiness and that joy, you don't need extra effort of saying, I’m happy.

So be noted, How consist you are in the handing happiness is the biggest achievement of your life. So did you achieve that consistency? at least 50% in your life, I will try my best to achieve at least 99.99%, cause at max i need 100% consistency.  That’s my achievement.

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