What if in the real life we had a background score? Music in life

How surprise you will be if every moments of your life is carried forward with a respective rhythmic tune which mostly happens in Cinematic experiences, Yes, this is a crazy thing one can think, or I would say my imagination and my music sense always made me to feel those melodies when I’m in Sad or happy. what do you think? about this.

Yeah! I’m at my deepest imagination, but when you take a complete breath standing on the sky scrapper and looking the small neon light, street lights, and small buildings, apartments. when you will feel the horizon of happiness is expanding, suddenly your favorite tune starts playing… a deep harmony of tune…

I’m sure one will have these kind of experiences, Music has the potential capacity to play a vital role in our life, may be when you are traveling in the train, the Chuku buku.. chuku buku.. a typical sound of train engine no matter the train with old engine based or the train with the new form diesel.. I always feel that brings kind of rhythm, Isnt it?

Any solo train trip will make one go crazy with one being sitting in the corner seat of train, and looking outside the window…. train plays a background score..

May be when you are texting your beloved buddy and you accidentally text something which you wanted to send to other person, the moment will be accompanied with a fast heart beat.. even when you delete the text, still you feel… the heart isn’t felt comfort. 

when you say expressing the love will be always happens with unusual heart beat by crossing the limit… a Lub dub.. it’s isn’t it a music…

Scientists are trying to find what part of brain is actually stimulated with the music, there are many research articles on that. But more preferably the I would say normal people would feel the music as a wonderful tool to relive stress and every moments will be cherished with happiness…

To be continued 

Please do comment me here, How you feel about the music in your life.. which motivates you.

Akshay kumar das

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8 thoughts on “What if in the real life we had a background score? Music in life

      1. We start humming when we are happy… that humming is just a voluntary happy phenomena for us.. but that requires billions of neurons to act towards the jolity… a harmone called dopamine is released..
        Also known as feel Good harmone … so may be you are not singer always.. though.. when we are happy that’s perfect time for our brain, neurons and other to perform their act of happiness a true melody is derivated…
        So we start listing a music …. or we will be lost in the music of life.. we will dance for that music that no one will hear.. our heart will get extra flexibility to beat the band’s..
        So although you are not singer… always … when we are happy and smiling… our body will be in perfect rythem…

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