Never loose hope

Never loose hope, never stop loving, ever go behind ego..the bird of life is life itself. That bird which inspires you.. that bird is nature. So Nature’s rule is ultimate, I know we are just a small species in this ever ending eternal cosmic world but we are never rulers, we are care takers, we are claimers, we need to claim only what we need, everything else is in place, everyone else animals, birds, insects follow the nature’s rule, why we deny this fact that we are small consequences of this phenomenal evolution. Our soul may be endless and limitless in this expanding terrain but we are mortals, we cease to exit when time arrives, why is this ? You and I… let’s make that bird of ego die out there, let’s bring that love bird out, let’s live and love everyone.
Akshay Kumar Das
#hope #bliss #nature #cosmos #love


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