You know where are You?

I’m busy in my Job juliet, You are busy in your errands, But the moment your mind thinks,” what my romeo doing right now? I miss you romeo..”
My heart cherished to infinite happiness. our hearts being exchanged in time immemorial. Juliet I don’t miss you anymore. You know where are you? You are here, just in my cage, I protected you in my rib cage, flesh covered castle. Take care your health and Keep safe my heart. when I’m angry it’s just because you are disturbed, so you stay calm, I stay happy. isn’t it ? You being in my heart.. will I strain you in any manner? That’s impossible!
because I’m rare species your Romeo.

#it’s mutual, so both must take care
#If you guys anyone have protected your beloved fellow’s heart, then quit smoking,Junk foods.
#take care health
#cause your precious princes may get affected.
#Ground rule for love.
#Stay Happy #No BP

8 thoughts on “You know where are You?

  1. OMG !! This is sooooooooo much beautiful poem , it allures me read more and more ……oh God …such a wonderful piece …. really loved it

    Stunning title 😊

    Ground rules of love ✌️
    Keep sharing 💙

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