Quote – Present is Present

Keep up busy in learning and unlearning, don’t stick to past, don’t become hallucinatory to future, the present is beautiful and friendly for you because it doesn’t’ break your expectations like future, or never bother you like past…

Akshay Kumar Das

Akshay kumar das.jpg

3 thoughts on “Quote – Present is Present

    1. Buddha went out in the midnight, I feel cold to go out in midnight.. just kidding..
      Life is so common maaa… but when we think deep meaning of it.. there we find lots of philosophies of our existence.. a true reason..
      Past present future.. wow.. how great things.. can’t imagine life without time being a major role in our life.. time is most important.
      I wish you should never regret that … I could have done this,.. you will do best maa.. keep up the spirit..
      Thanks a lot.

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