In Your Eyes – Akshay Kumar Das

“Hey juliet right now I don’t have the dream of enjoying the candle light dinner with you, I do love to have, but right now will be happy to move faraway from city dust and noise, I would like to build a tent house, where we can drink hot coffe in an cold destiny, as always mom says, when you look someone’s eyes if you can’t blink your eyes then you are infront of elegant personality… morever i also know women’s beauty is to be seen from her eyes, her eyes are the door way to reach heart, but for this I need to meet you. I’m more lucky in that sense to look nature’s beauty in my juliets eyes..let’s look at the reflection of aurora borealis in each other eyes.” Yes, let’s go North pole” only peace and nothing else, emptiness all over..any noise will be our cardiac muscle beat and you can listen rhythm of my heart beat, i will listen your’s and will like to hear that harmony..Let’s get lost in the eternal love and cherish the moment worth of million births Juliet. Will you come ?
#Wonders of nature
#Aurora borealis
#in her eyes
#Romeo Juliet reborn stories

4 thoughts on “In Your Eyes – Akshay Kumar Das

  1. Aww !!!! What a lovely post
    Sooooo sweeeeet
    It has some alluring sweetness which made me to read again &again
    Really nice
    I think , even Romeo can’t express his love in this way .
    Great !! Keep it up

    1. Thank you so much Akshaya 😊😊 for such a warm comment. I’m really cherished by your comments.
      The thing is in my life all I have is something which I like to give to everyone virtue of that love in my writing… So Akshaya… you can imagine how much love would I give to my Juliet in my writing… they left the world years ago.. are those RomeoJuliet true I don’t know.. but I believe in true love is a soulful form, will never fade away… looks weird to hear this from physics geek, but whatever we cannot see (Soul, rebirth) we cannot simply ignore it.. also cannot just spread the idea of rebirth… to create superstitious belief.. So Romeo and Juliet for me is a Science fiction.
      Started write in the tags of “Romeo Juliet reborn stories.” I’m happy many showed good response.
      So this is just words, keep reading and keep writing you are best writer than me…

      Akshay Kumar das

      1. Aww !! That’s great – Romeo and Juliet is a science fiction 💙
        Yes , brother.. I agree with you true love is a soulful form , will never fade away.
        Thanks for the compliment brother , but you are 100 times better than me .

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