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Hey Guys, how are you all?

It was the first day of the month a typical day, in the afternoon while having my lunch I received a message, Yes, Niraj sir sent a message about this Raga retreat, later emerged as a “Session which was one of a kind I ever had”, I will tell you all why it’s regarded as a unique event. I replied sir that I will be Joining the session.

Niraj Golwalkar Sir is a great musician and he holds a Sangeet Visharad, He teaches Hindustani vocals in the Artwist Academy, in Bengaluru. Hola! I was astounded to attend a Music therapy, also was waiting for the 15th of August to meet all my music friends from Artwist.

Finally, the day arrived, as per plans we supposed to be at 6:15AM in the early morning in a common gathering venue.

In the early morning there was a rain already started showering blessings on us, I was having a sensation like Rain was defiantly an “uninvited singer”, but sings well, Zar Zaar, then stops, again Zar Zaar. My thoughts, I wrote in Hindi

“Mausam Hai Barish Ka

Aaaj din hai aajadi ka..

Aj bigadna nahi rain mere dhost

Log aaye he Mysore Pune Se !

Ab Badalon se request kiya man hi man

Barse aaj thodi kam

Cause we goanna make it Fun Fun !!”.

  • Akshay kumar das

but we are at least the luckiest among the most districts in India, as Bangalore’s elevation is over 3,000 ft above sea level, the highest of India’s major cities. So, rain hasn’t made a significant effect on our district. But I will pray for all the other city people for their safeguard and let mother nature turn to become calm and clear as soon as possible.

I met all my friends and well-wishers, Especially Niraj sir and Rema Mohandas ma’am, Mandira ma’am and Akhilesh P have come all the way from Pune, Our Rockstar Asif Raza, Ritika Jain, Manjunath C sir… Arithro bhai, Our Bahu Bali Sai Yashaswi, Prashanth Kumar, Biswajit bhai and many…

We took a Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises (NICE) yes, NICE road to visit the Prakriti farms, all were sitting silent, no sound at all in the minibus.

Finally Touched the destination, In the morning we had a small walk in the in the Prakriti farms, greenery everywhere, gentle breeze, bears large showy flowers, old trees around, Photos will add memories so captured some clicks, I truly enjoyed the breakfast, it was tasty.

The color that gives you hope is a Color of this Thiranga, Indian tricolor, In Music some raagas will add colors which never fades away, creates a stamp in heart of a divine singer, it was Independence Day, Sir(Referred here to Niraj sir) came up with Practicing the Raaga Desh or Raga Desh is a Hindustani classical raga. A melodious patriotic feel based Raaga.

We were eagerly waiting for clear sky, but that was impossible. at least No rain till we finish a practice session, So, rain was also in the dilemma whether to disturb these music guys or Not.

In between this, I was Surprised to see a great personality, whose session I missed it last month (July), the session was on 28th July… yes, are you parenting right? [Click here to check that out ] The workshop was basically designed for parents, children, Young adults, and teens.

I was all planned to visit along with my sister. I shared that event with my sister but couldn’t attend. The session was by Certified Parenting coach, it was Sunita ma’am, yes very fortunate to See her in the session, everything happens for a reason, I missed the event last month but I could meet ma’am here in Raaga retreat. All thanks to Niraj sir.

I spoke with ma’am, I introduced about myself, Ma’am appreciated me about “Melodies Physics”, Yes In the world everywhere there is chaos isn’t it…? only a right parenting or right guardians could make their children’s way the best. also, can’t deny children themselves could act on it to make it active. but a guide is very much crucial for kids these days. We need a proper guidance towards well-being…But due to busy schedules, people tend to miss the very important thing in their life in motivating their children for choosing a right path. So, I was lucky to interact with Sunita ma’am.

All new friends, who are ready to spark up their Musical hobby of singing to become trained vocalists of future, New friends I met like Lopita, Samridhi, Rohith sir, Saujanya Shetty, Lalitha many friends. We are always looking to introduce the new one and feel unique experiences, isn’t it? so I discussed many things with all new friends.

One more great opportunity to meet the ” Carnatic Music teacher and wellbeing expert [NLP – Neuro-linguistic programming Exeprt] ” Vinaya Rao ma’am. I got to know there was a person whose talent we never knew until we got to see his talent when Niraj sir sent a Beautiful sketch by Rajender Sir(Siddha Kumar) sir.

After these many things, we were on the Mid-day. Yes, an afternoon with a tasty delicious lunch, after which we are ready for the Sound healing, a Music therapy.

Tibetan Singing Bowls/Himalayan singing bowl has been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes, Niraj sir once had said me about this, these bowls create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of our body and out-of-harmony parts of the body to attain a harmony state, sir explained in a way better about this. Also, happy to meet Priyank sir. expert in the field.

Our sir brought some sleep masks for the effective experience of the process. all the bowls were made up of many combinations of metals, a special kind of alloy which was handmade, to be handled carefully as they were expensive and I felt slight variation in the wear and tear may cause overall frequency in some extent.

My experience: I was always motivated by the music I love to explore the physics of this music and Music helps me in understanding these fundamental physics in a better way.

Through listening to Tibetan Singing Bowls, one’s internal balance can be attained, I experienced it.

I sometimes say… ” Rear dreams of mine show me a prodigious equation of math and physics which I love about my dream or sometimes it leads to a Tune, which I will be humming for next two days or more”

this happened many times, but more excellently the Night I watched the “Interstellar movie in a Sound enhanced Cinema hall”, Hans Zimmer took the whole credit. I lost in the cosmos a kind experience, just moving in the path of utter silence with a Deep soothing sound with rhythmic pulse hit in a soft way. the similar experience was Niraj sir’s music bowl made me, I really thank this brilliant one of its kind concepts, A raaga retreat with Music healing.

Around 3:30 to 5:30 PM we again had a session on the ” Raag Desh”. later on, we took our snacks, small musical performances here and there by all guys.

The session closed with a Group photo, all entered our minibus, the morning was very much formal, all were Inaudible, But the evening was the Grand finale, I enjoyed a lot.

Thank you so much each and every person, especially Niraj golwalkar sir. So, my readers, this was my 15th August whole day story.

In our daily busy life, Especially in Bangalore, We miss many things, But very few will make their time, as being IT Hub, Garden city and also known as a Startup hub and Bangalore has quite a few people who do miracles possible by starting a Music and art ventures/academies, which is most essential tool for corporate working members to spend their weekends in sessions like Guitar learning, vocals, piano classes Etc. which not only help them to relieve from corporate stress but also help them to grow internally.. and develop their hidden talent.

#learn #unlearn #meet #awaken soul #love all #share joy #share wisdom

Akshay Kumar Das,


Concept: Raaga retreat, A day with Music and Nature


Venue: Prakruti Farms, Tharalu estate cross, Tharalu, Kaggalipura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560082

Organized by: Niraj Golwalkar

There is one more event by Niraj golwalkar sir check it out;





Mail me: akshaykumar@melodiesphysics.com




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