Does physics have any melody ? – Akshay kumar das

One of my fellow bloggers, Just asked me Does physics have any melody ??? this question is one of the most asked questions to me, So today I’m gonna answer. 

My Answer:

Yes, Physics has a melody. If I tell you that “everything is physics”., No matter we study as a subject or not. Everything ranging from small needle to the space technology all things dealing with the fundamentals of physics. the physics is most successful because it has the life companion, a life partner called Math.

Physics and mathematics are the most beautiful couples, nature is enclosed and created by the harmony between these two. these mathematical interpretations are the consequences of nature and its existence. and study of these we call physics. that harmony is generating a melody from the beginning of this cosmos.


we are made up of fundamental particles, even this entire universe and those fundamental particles have a rhythmic vibration/movement. Every cell in the living things is a part of this melody, DNA does this vibration in a very different way. (Which itself is a Big Subject of discussion)


The vibration of atomic particles, including electrons and nuclei, is a quantum phenomenon.  which is still a mystery. I’m highlighting that melody of physics which is a secret of this cosmos.

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– Akshay Kumar Das

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