That’s relationship ✌✌

When I don’t want anything in this life,frustrated, feeling down, when I’m hopeless to myself..
When my life broken down. When I don’t want live anymore..
She is going to Slap me, and
say “How can you leave me alone ? I’m with you..
You r gonna uplift me like new hope !
Like doomsday’s first Sun rise.. a first light of hope.. for better fortune..
You drive me like expert, when I stop trusting my own feet.
That’s a relationship. Isn’t it?

Love is all about caring!! Caring starts not tommorow, its starts from very First day..Start caring !! Slap him/her say.. I’m always with you..
#A slap of anger when someone says I don’t to want live anymore..
#slap of Love which people show.. when they can’t live without someone they love.
#after slap, a hug will say “I stand for you”.


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