Melodies of Physics ☺

"When people can't hear the tune of Melodies of Physics!! I can't do anything, that's perfectly all right. because people even can't listen to melodies of love which they get from the day of birth." #Love is the religion #Lo've is to have, not to hide #Philosophical love #philosophicalquotes #lovequote Follow my writings on reading Melodies of Physics ☺

Rear species your Romeo 2💙💙💙

Hey, Juliet right now I don't have the dream of enjoying the candlelight dinner with you,I do love to have once; Probably Moving far from city noise, I would like to build a tent house, where we can drink hot coffee in a 0-degree cold destiny & look at the reflection of aurora borealis in … Continue reading Rear species your Romeo 2💙💙💙

Rear species your Romeo 🙌🙌🙌👇

Amidst the beautiful colors in a rainbow, I will choose none, I'll choose you.. Colors may fade away but you will never! It's me who will fall into choices and effects, If rainbow warning me, I don't care to, because your compassionate tears & charismatic light created the bow.. some call them rainbow. #You are … Continue reading Rear species your Romeo 🙌🙌🙌👇

Love and peace 🤗😊

I think people may live without water and Food at least for somedays.. But moment when there is no love and peace in this planet, automatically life wipesout. God might write a bread on your name..Peace and love is to be created after you satisfy your belly. But one who finds more bread even though … Continue reading Love and peace 🤗😊