You are my inspiration- Akshay Kumar Das

The man who abuses women is like a coward to me, Isn’t it? he destroyed the fundamental right of this nature.

Similar to people who destroy the Mother nature.
The man who psychologically becomes outrageous to society would abuse the women.
In my terms, He is not the man at all…!

The men have no right to disturb women individuality, cause a man always expect the same. isn’t it? Both involved in the argument and harassment may lead us to disaster.
The very first natural rule of creating a life through this beautiful female and the male dichotomy is much beautiful if it follows the mutual respect for one other.
I believe, we need to support women as a bunch of inspiration.

#Stop women harassment
#Stop hurting your own, support, natural inspiration from God.
#Women holds your hand from the day you open your eyes, the doctor cut that umbilical chord.. without which women and men are never detachable. The mother shares her own flesh to you…
#By birth they support as a mother, wife, sister, teacher and this nature…
#we call mother nature, never father nature.. !!
#why not stand up for women, to clean those cowards who disrespect.

#Women’s world is entirely different, the femine world is much more complex and very uncommon, please support them from the core of your heart.

#Thank you all women in my life, who inspired me, #today is not women’s day, but I don’t need one, cause we don’t show our compassion to mother, sister, wife.. on basis of particular day… its Perennial process, Today I wrote this because my friend asked me, how I feel about women abuse and harassment. #I support you my dear all women,

Akshay Kumar Das

– Akshay Kumar Das

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