How much Eco-friendly are you?

Everyone know this, How many follow these?
anyway, we dedicate this day to spread awareness of eco-friendly habits.
Please do it voluntarily, we require keen attention towards our atmosphere. Hope our grandchildren remember us as caretakers of the earth, who gifted us this beautiful earth. It should not be such a situation where heavenly earth turning to garbage-filled, plastic filled, contaminated, disease prone, environment. I know none of us want this type of earth, but all know it is possible by small effort in reducing the use of non-biodegradable, plastics, cutting the tree for fewer minutes of happiness.. such as using plastic carry bag. which you just use for carrying your things for a minute.. or hour long. then throw it away… it’s just a bad habit, carry your own bag at least, make compulsory from now on…Global warming, these days many people use this as an essay, debate. but we need actual practical workers/ volunteers. only those who debate in the actual circumstance in taking public responsibility like chemicals disposal to lakes and rivers. Many activists are taking great initiatives. Initiatives are successful only when people understand the value of initiations. Please support the social awareness activists in planning your eco-friendly society.. talk with children, students. If parents teach our kids from the beginning… it is not impossible for us to help them in knowing our responsibility for nature protection & conservation…
happy world environmental day!!!
Team melodies physics.


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