The Most precious gift ever you can give – Philospical love By Akshay..

I can give you something which nobody can give you… You’re now thinking what I will give, it’s my ” Time “. You may ask me am I gone mad, Do you know its the most precious thing than anything in this universe, time is something which we cannot get back, isn’t?
So, Juliet, this is what I can give you… which rest of the world make-believe to give a Gifts, presents etc.

Yes, I completely agree, I couldn’t meet you all time…. now at least. I’m far away… once you enter my canopy. “Time is the big thing I can give”.

I'm a time traveler to my Juliet

My sweet readers, Spending 2 minutes or Small hug to mom will heal many things, Just give little of your busy time, talk with your loved ones, sit along with them.

Time is the most wonderful gift you can give to your kids, beloved people.

And let me continue my conversation, Juliet,

I hereby promise you…
I will breathe with your presence,

this i will try to do it for more frequently, meeting you in real time, rather in skype or a chat… I will bring you a rose, which will be having a droplet of H2O molecule on the petals.. I will just try to sprinkle them,..because it is far better than I’m sending you a Rose picture, with Good morning, has written underneat.Isn’t it?  haha just kidding… okay let me continue my conversation…
I will hold your hands’ tightly so that, You will feel, this holiness will be your ever best faith symbol, which you haven’t received, maybe last best feel might when father holding your hand, You will agree, I’m sure about this Juliet…

Because I will surrender my time to you..
You feel my sincere presence, whatever time
Appreciate, no notification, the social alarm will never disturb us.

 And I will talk with you for hours, will walk for a little more in the span of time. I will never create a artificial laughter on your Jokes, I understand the Innocence you maintain while presenting that joke, instead of avoiding your jokes. Whenever you will meet me, I’m damn sure, you will be my princes of that Disney land where we sit together, As I initially said, I have infinitely long time, We may complete a half the century. then it’s obvious I will drop you back to the same time, By My time machine… because I’m a time traveler.

Even I will kiss your forehead slowly, that my gentle kiss will bond us forever for the rest of our time…Love is so philosophical, if you think the best gift your planning to give this time, spend a time with them.. if someone stays too far, Never forget to share your positive vibes by writing a sweet letter, or a poem prose, a lengthy email.. which bring traditional culture of sharing love by words. Let words show your time of effort, let words describe his/her future guy/girl who will give the best thing in this universe, it is nothing but a “time”.
The world is having a so busy schedule, No time even to snooze our sudden ego, snoozing an ego, when it comes, just like spending a one last snooze button for a sound sleep. Just snooze your ego, spend time with all whom you knew best…

or in case of parents love, a superb maid to serve their kids, the maid will take care baby more than mother even see her baby..or Be Sending old father and mother to old-age home.. ..because you have every day planned for a Board meeting.. Your kid will never ever get that time of showing his teachers, friends.. that my mom & dad exist in my world.. Busy Dad, Busy Mom, Busy… Kid…

Then, Busy Juliet and Busy I… never… I will never make this happen… Juliet… I will give You this ” Time”… A very much more,,, much much.. much more “TIME…”

Moral of the story…. ‘Give Time, spend time with your loved ones………..

By Akshay Kumar,

Copyright © 2018 by Akshay Kumar [Samal das akshay] All rights reserved. This Post or any portion thereafter may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher.

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