What will happen to the Solar system ? The Fate of Sun & Planets

Our Earth is the only planet so far which we encountered to be having life, taking this privilege of superior beings, still, we cannot stay forever on this earth. because of even the genesis stimulator sun is also not permanent.

Long in the span of time, Sun will eat the earth and churn inside it, like a big monster. we don’t know what will be the fate of our planets.  In another five billion years, the Sun will use up most of its hydrogen fuel.It will enter the ending stages of its life. The middle of the Sun will shrink down and become even hotter.

The outer layer of the Sun will grow much bigger than it is now. It will form a red giant.It will be big to the point that Mercury and Venus, likely Earth and possibly Mars will be inside the sun. These planets will consume with extreme heat.Which planets get pulverized will rely upon how much mass the Sun has left.

A solid sun-based breeze will blow a portion of the external layers of gas from the Sun. The Sun will have less mass. The Sun’s gravity will be less. The majority of the planets will move far from the Sun.After it has been a red giant for some time, the Sun will begin to consume helium.

It will contract down and won’t be a red giant anymore.It will utilize the helium up in around a billion years. At that point, it will end up being a red giant indeed. More gas will overwhelm for a couple of hundred thousand years. A planetary nebula will form. The nebula could last for a few thousand to a few tens of thousands of years.

It will glow in the light of the Sun At the inside, the Sun may contract into a little star called a white dwarf. That sort of star is about the extent of Earth. It would take around 100 of these white dwarf, stacked end to end, to be as wide as the Sun is today. The Sun won’t have any more fuel to consume. It will have heaps of warmth left finished and will continue getting cooler and dimmer. At that point, its light will go out in a hundred quite a while from now.

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