Extraterrestrial beings and radio astronomy Part – 1 Essay by Akshay

We all know this world is not the one which has the life in the universe, but we pretend to be superior beings in this entire world, individually our abilities are overwhelmed sometimes than enlightened. We have torrents of things which has to be proven by our thoughts.

There were some people in the past who claim they have seen and experienced the “So-called Extraterrestrial beings.” The Aliens. I wonder sometimes when a Mars Rover finds some interesting things on mars and made avail collections of data to the scientists on earth, the similar way there have been noticed few Unidentified flying objects, called UFO. Which we think the alien’s messengers visit often earth.  Aliens interest become successful in popular culture, from novels to the silver screen, movies, dramas etc. The investigations were done from many years perhaps the most successful and suitable is radio astronomy.

The radio astronomy is something which in layman terms can be implied as a “Signals by the Non-earthly objects which are received from far places from space. These are some of the radio emissions by the celestial objects far away. First ever observation started during the 1930’s. Astronomer Karl Jansky observed this radiation. Radio galaxies, quasars, pulsars, and masers are initially observed. There is the requirement of large setup to receive signals with high signal-to-noise ratio. radio astronomy also increased our knowledge of astronomy…The cosmic microwave background radiation was also first detected using radio telescopes.

to be continued,

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