Can supermassive black hole exist outside of galaxies?

Yes, First let us know, what is regarded as a supermassive black hole? “Supermassive is a Huge and it measures up to hundreds of thousands to billion solar masses. Quickly let me tell you, the solar mass is a standard unit of mass in Astrophysics. I.e. 1.99*10^3 kilograms.”

Recent studies:  The supermassive black holes (SMBHs) can be ejected from the centers of galaxies. This occurs because of gravitational wave recoil.

How it happens: In a binary system when supermassive blackhole coalescence by losing energy in the form of Gravitational waves. The gravitational waves emitted are not same in all orientation. Hence, the momentum is imparted into the merging blackhole. These phenomena lead to recoil them with 10^5 Km/s.

In the Astrophysical Journal, the speed at which it recoils exceeds the escape velocity from the centers of even the most massive galaxies.

Research area: This study is also known as a hypercompact stellar system (HCSS).

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