Anti Procrastination tips – By Akshay kumar Das

  1. Stop Overthinking: We always overthink and make our mind to get fill unhealthy thoughts which will make one feel negative. This will lead to procrastination.

Stop Overthinking

2. Be Practical in Actions: Don’t overwhelm yourself, but have confidence, never choose impossible tasks.

Be Practical in Actions.jpg3.Just get started with at least smaller tasks: We all have many opportunities, sometimes we may miss them. So just get started with things you get rather worrying about things which are impossible.

Just get started with at least smaller tasks.jpg4.Do it right away: Put conscious effort to complete the task which takes less than 3 – minutes.

Do it right away.jpg5.Complete it when you begin: Make sure you will be having a small diary or notepad to document things which you start and finish it up completely, Also make sure, not just to pretend in front of others that your finished your task fully instead have assessments.

Complete it when you begin.jpg

6.Goals and Subgoals: Even nowadays, filling a water bottle, Charging our mobile is a big task. I have seen people becoming lazy, indolent to work/tasks. we find an alternative to each and everything. If we cannot do these normal things, then our big goals are the far away, isn’t it? hence creating small goals towards completion of the bigger task is a suggestion.

Goals and Subgoals.jpg7.Sit Quite for an hour: sitting quite is not mean, you just let things go… and procrastinate. sitting quite means, make sure you beat the distractions, just recall all the activities which you completed, you’ll quickly find yourself with low distraction to complete your work faster.

Goals and Subgoals (1)8.Work on deadline: Donate something to people who require money or people who are in need if you do not meet your short time goals.

Work on deadline.jpg

Akshay Kumar Das

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