Book review : I Too Had a Love Story Novel by Ravinder Singh

It was my 12th standard when I knew about this bestselling novel, I Too Had a Love Story Novel by Ravinder Singh. This was my one of only a handful couple of books which I purchased new, most of them are “used books”, Initially I used to spend less money in purchasing books if book cover and pages are clean & neat enough I would go for old/used books. Be that as it may, in few conditions, I was particular in purchasing a new book. One among them is one I read long back and giving a review on my blog.

The creator of this book puts into words the worries, interest, and energy that Ravin feels before his first genuine gathering with Khushi, It was made enough impact on his life. Composed with a touch of carefree cleverness, the story is stacked with a wide range of feelings and sentiments that have the ability to touch the core of the peruser. Be that as it may, the story takes a turn when their adoration is put to a definitive test. The end result for Khushi? How does Ravin manage this new advancement? The book answers these inquiries and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In the purest form if we can see the emotions, then we can find it in love, then perhaps the more profound way I can say it’s universal kind. Love is always a solution to all problem. But in present world the concept of love is different.

People pretend to show their “unbalanced love in a balanced love”, finally breakups. but this is not that the ultimate goal of life. But love like ” long distance relationships are most crazy things people ever do it!…

reading such stories was not my favorite thing but hoping a happy end to a story I expect. As this name suggests, the author holds every moment of crazy twists.. and experiences of engineering are most lovable because I’m also an engineering output, but  with a mechanical device.

The character Kushi is very new kind, It was post-whats-up days… maybe I was also least bothered about the Social network. the ideas of, matrimonial sites in the book were new to me… but understood Ravin found Kushi in matrimonial site. This was the debut novel of the author, very well written,

I give 4.3 rating to this book.

Akshay Kumar Das

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