I’m a time traveler, to meet my Juliet 

I used to daydream about a time machine

sorry traveling on a time machine to meet you,

where I could make a greater friendship

in my beginning days which I missed it !!

I found a way to time travel just for you

by breaking the walls of uncertainty!

where I could imagine back to simpler times

this is the solution for making her liking me

Hey Time - You did your best to hide my Juliet,

but I'm coming back on the time machine

I'm protecting my heart

because you're present in my heart

My love, I couldn't return without you

come back in time I was always best

being with you

I came from back centuries future, [sentence subjects to physics rules]

you're my classic beauty in my past!

Hey almighty she can't hide so much!

I invented a formula for the time machine

what is the formula for her love?

past or future I will be your Romeo

Physics is nature, she is my nature

she inspires me, in contrary,

she will never come with me...

but I will meet her in anytime

LOL because I'm a time traveler!!

In fourth coming days, " my time travel machine shows"

she will tell "You're the most valuable person in my life".

Just waiting for this to happen,

Dear rigid machine just lets me finish you...

with my mechanical pieces of stuff

I'm a time traveler, to meet my Juliet  

I'm a time traveler! I'm a time traveler


– Akshay Kumar Das


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