5 Years of Blogging journey – Akshay Physics Blogger

Whenever I think about my life, I like most is melodies I collected so far… I always entitled to say “melodies” of nature, melodies of Love, friendship, Melodies of life… and finally melodies of physics.

My blogging Started with small articles, Posts, Quotes and some Poems, stories in the name “melodies physics”. It grabbed readers recently, got some traffic in google.. Eureka thoughts arrived long back, a science platform concept. Now thinking to accomplish it, many of my friends started to help me…

Well, It’s true I’m a geek of physics… In my engineering college, I loved only one thing seeing a practical physics (mechanical engineering), other than studies I always loved going my ashram. Lord’s grace ashram with my friend Sharath, the way our mathaji helped me was most prominent. Sharath along with me had a many discussion regarding meditation and Yoga also part of Spirituality. I have written many posts about Yoga & Spirituality.

Loved to visit IISc and meeting friends out there, I attended workshops and sessions in IISc, IISc in Bangalore always made me dig my brain towards our understanding of Science. Especially Physics, I published papers, articles in Newsletter and magazines.

Even my blogging helped me to Re-call my Pencil sketching, oil painting talents. Some of them I uploaded in WordPress.

Coming to Music, which is my third love. I loved writing the best about it. Music is one which is a universal in the categories of art.

We are starting a Yoga & Spirituality and physics academic courses which will help most of the people who look for great online sessions. We don’t say we are best, but we will try our best out of few opportunities of our life.



Akshay kumar


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