An eternal connection – Akshay Kumar [ Video Link]

We all meet, here on the Earth
For some time, we depart so early
sometimes too late.
During this Short stay….!

In this short stay, we like someone
we madly love someone
we trust, Believe someone
Never think what they are!
Physical appearance is just matter
Inner self is the real thing!

In a give and take policy
we all connect to it!
Sometimes we give Love
Sometimes we give Sorrow

When One gives love, They get
A friend Like her
Which is Eternally bonded
She will be Alarming Me, she is the perfect bliss

Of Thy her presence, Solemn and Peaceful
She Inspire me, But A a Warm
Ignore will be on her side
I don’t Know why its?
That’s not a Problem she is never a rivalry

Just make my Song to be
a favorite one
When she says “Hmm … ‘
That’s the best Tune which i ever heard
amidst the dense flow of music ( Surrounding Beautiful music )
I welcome her to my dream

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

The way I See her
She Never understood me
She is the reason for Rain
she is the reason for Rainbow grain (7 Colors)

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

Blood is red color!
her Red chin is the reason
Sky is Blue, her Nail Polish
World is finding interesting
to me but I’m not a pet to her

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

Love cares us
But we need her grace
oh god, Make her Just Smile
to me, When I see her

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

she is the Morning and evening star
she is the Rings of Saturn
Never say that its so easy to make her blink
in my words, a Silence makes my heart beat more

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

I don’t want her full love
Half, quarter yeah that’s enough
I will stay with her memories
but I want just to feel my love

Expecting nothing, In return
Welcoming a hit, as you walk on !!
(My very best thing is her wish its more than love what i expect)
Glorify the great Success in me
Artist tunes the Guitar with Tuner, she tunes me

Just to say FEEL My LOVE
Just to say FEEL My LOVE

– Akshay Kumar [ 17.05.14 ]

©All right Reserved.

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