The power of highest ecstasy – in understanding Universal love

Once I believed, you’re for me You will always stay by my side till the sun & moon perish To protect and care for me till we cherish Love Ecstasy of each other will continue in heaven’s place if you not stop it (that is if you ask when it ends actually, in reality, heaven exists nowhere than in your place or heart) this is always fine to react to the mystic self-transcendence of love within our boundary line which has many relationships to tie it, but death is alone…

we experience death alone. but keep it in mind love is not like death, if you experience the joy of highest form of love-ecstasy other people also experience himself. it is the universal love according to me.

till moon and stars will cherish in morning, more correctly to tell in the day we never see them, then this physical existence and love to this skeleton body which is covered with limited flesh are mysterious. Love to become immortal without disturbing the reality is what life. there is a fine condition called the universal love please try to grab.. and use it for rest of life.

Copyright © 2010 by Akshay Kumar [Samal das akshay]
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3 thoughts on “The power of highest ecstasy – in understanding Universal love


    Carry me on down the electric highway
    To the windless plains of Troy
    Where the forest of question marks grows
    Among the sun of synoptic finality

    And in the void of the dimensionless place
    There to taste the perfume
    Where the point circle flowers
    Mass is infinite and light only is

    Where the line of existence cuts the plane of now
    Subsists the point of me
    Line, plane and point exist without thickness
    The circle of self has no diameter

    This non-existent pointless point
    Where movement is bound is where the pointers point
    For all dimensions remain at rest
    While endless vistas greet the I

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