Dark side of Fireworks industry – Woman Work life – Socio-Concern Article

Hello everyone here is my first public welfare article, Man evolved progressively to this current world with some significant inventions like gun powder and fireworks. Fireworks – which is a visual fantasy of light and sound, but hardly anyone knows the darker side of woman employees working in the fireworks industry. Quality of work life in these industries is a frightening to workers but they do it desperately, they hardly get reimbursements at the time of accidents.

These swarming factories do not bother about woman safety. In these industries, women are working with low remuneration and Woman’s work with small neonatal in their lap, even sometimes a pregnant woman works in these environments. The basic needs like water, a toilet is very pitiful. They do not wear any protective wearing, safety tools. While working woman’s hair and the body might be full of dangerous chemicals such as Sulphur, potassium, aluminum powder and even gun powder leading to skin cancers also few women end up into infertility if prolonged use of these contaminated water and food at the place of firework industries. skin injuries are common here, metallic chemicals (Smoke) with small dosage is enough to inhale into the lungs and might cause a harmful effect in long-term diseases related to lungs, respiratory organs.

Intake of chemical contaminated foods and water might be a reason to it when a family makes a choice of sending their children to school, always girl is left working, the boy sent to school, but very rarely people here take decisions of sending their children to school. Fireworks industry making future of woman and children to lose the opportunities but a proper proposal must be carried out by the government. Some proper and holistic developmental steps involved in awareness and awareness of promotional activities in woman empowerment and protection can bring joy in their life.

© Akshay Kumar [2017]


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15 thoughts on “Dark side of Fireworks industry – Woman Work life – Socio-Concern Article

  1. Thanks for sharing this social issue. For awakening people and realize them that they are treated like a neglected part of our society. It’s hazardous to their life working in such conditions.

    1. your welcome, It’s true fact. In many good occasions we celebrate with fireworks, crackers for cricket cups, parties, royal weddings, we use fireworks, but it’s no use, pollution and life threating too. Many loose eyes by injuries, even people who manufacture these have same thing. hope problem will be solved one day… thank you for reading.

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