Malabar spinach – A native plant of tropical Asia [with Photographs]

I got this plant, I was looking at this plant and just read some books about it. In our plant kingdom we have many plants which are medicinally used and some are edible.  Its native to the Indian subcontinents, It has got many names like Malabar Spinach, vine spinachred vine spinachclimbing spinachcreeping spinachbuffalo spinach.  In Hindi its called Malabar Palak , and in my mother-tongue Kannada it is known as Basale soppu. and also called as Potaki/Vaslakkirai is Basella alba Linn. var. rubra Stewart. and it belongs to the family Basellaceae….

KINGDOM: Plantae

PHYLUM: Magnoliophyta

This plant is cultivated across India, some we see around our house,these are climbers which are beautifully grown can cover windows and showcase home beautifully. It is grown as pot herb , We also have this in home. It is a vegetable with medicinal properties,Southeast countries cultivate these plants. My mother prepares a recipe of this plant for rice…

Its been said this is very rich in its vitamins and nutrition’s ,it can be used for malnutrition. any way these things you can find anywhere.. But i love this plant and my mom prepares a recipe of this.

Some pics of this plants….




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