Blue Sky Tag Blog Award – My First Nomination


When someone recognizes our thoughts we will be honored. It’s a Big achievement when someone says your writings are read-worthy.I am thankful for this nomination to Blue Sky Tag Award.
Vaibhav nominated me for this Award. Thank You, Vaibhav…

Below you can find the rules for Blue Sky Tag Blog Award.
1.Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Nominate (tag) 11 people
4. Give them 11 questions to answer.

1.  I Thank Vaibhav for nominating me for this award. hope you


Q1. What are your favorite lines from a book?

Ans – “One of the strongest motives that lead men to art and science is escaped from everyday life with its painful crudity and hopeless dreariness. Such men make this cosmos and its construction the pivot of their emotional life, in order to find the peace and security which they cannot find in the narrow whirlpool of personal experience.”
― Walter Isaacson, Einstein: His Life and Universe

Q2.What was your biggest mistake in your life?

Ans –Taking second chance

Q3.What is love according to you?

Ans –Love is something I breathe, and You breathe without which no life…

Q4.If you get the chance in past, which one thing you like to change?

Ans –I like to change my grandpa’s fate, ( if could possible )which he left us early.

Q5.Funniest moment in your life?

Ans –Attending non-invited functions with friends and enjoying party

Q6. What is a failure according to you?

Ans –Lesson and Experience

Q7.What is your first priority?

Ans –Love

Q8.If you ever wanted to b actor/actress of any movie! Which role and which movie

Ans –Dil Chahta Hai, 2001 Akash Malhotra lead by Aamir Khan.

Q9.Favorite one-liner you say every day or most of the time?

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad

Q10.Your favorite song

Hosanna – AR Rahaman, Film: Ek Deewana Tha

Q11.What kind of improvement do you suggest for our society?

Education ( Which is for self Enlightenment ) with proper awareness of everything which is Superstitious and dark. one must rise from false to the rays of truth.

My nomination is:

2.FREE TO EXPRESS’s poetry
4.Beauty lies within yourself
8.Words thats all I have

My Questions

1.How Love shouldn’t be defined? ( the improper way of defining love )
2.What is Success? According to you
3.Which is most underrated things in Society which must be improved?
4.Best blogger till you meet in this INTERNET?
5.Your Ideas on improvement of Creative things of students rather than thinking on Marks
6.What you like in my writing? mostly !
7.Have you ever experienced Love at First Sight!
8.Your Best Memory!
9.About Best Friend
10.Your favorite Singer/Composer
11.Thoughts about these type of Awards (like one above you got nominated)

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30 thoughts on “Blue Sky Tag Blog Award – My First Nomination

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I read you perfect thoughts which are no longer imperfect…
      I’m regular reader of your blog..
      Keep writing 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. 1. It shouldn’t be defined as ‘Love is blind’ which I feel is the most inappropriate statement as if 2 people are capable loving each other it can’t be blind anymore that’s just a mere saying!
    2. Success for me is achieving something which others think is impossible for me to do..I love doing impossible things coz what’s the fun in doing easy things 😉
    3. That everytime when ppl see a girl and boy talking it just can’t always b the gf bf relationship..society needs to change in many ways this was one!
    4. As in I had mentioned a blogger in my last post as my fav but as I explored more I knew that WordPress is such huge family..n I m in the process of exploring yet..there are many ppl excelling in many different fields here so nothing as specific.
    5. Students need to know that there is a world beyond the marksheets..and really we need to enjoy every single moment coz when you look back the marks don’t make you feel happy but the memories do 🙂
    6. The way of presenting any concept is really much better and amazing to eyes.
    7. Umm..Actually no one in real world may b in real world that person may exist! 😁
    8. There are many such beautiful memories preserved in my mind..lapping one upon other to be recent performance in boards was actually good n worth cherishing and the happiness my parents had on their face was just countless.. Also in sports and various competitions I have beautiful memories.
    9. Lucky to have one!
    10. I do myself sing so I really have tremendous interest in musical field..Mg fav singers are shreya ghoshal..taylor swift..sanam puri!
    11. These awards are a kind of motivation for the writers to write much more creative and beautifully..So I think these awards are great for encouraging new talents and new stuff!

    Lastly thanks a lot friend for this nomination (loved answering all the questions) and you do write amazingly!
    Keep writing 💛
    (Sorry for such big answers 😂)

    1. Thank you so much for beautiful answers for my questions.
      I really felt happy to connect with you… let’s collaborate here in this global platform to transform, make awareness towards Development of self and also society.

      Your Journey of writing let reach the summit of success.
      The way you defined success is one which helps us to manifest self.
      Keep writing 🙂 😉 keep inspiring… ;

      Global evolution of thoughts from my SCIENCE ART AND MUSIC. I’m learning lot day by day.. I learn from you… !
      Have Joy!

      1. Thank you $hruthi… 🙂
        I was touched by word ” “imperfectly perfect thoughts”
        Wow what an amazing word.. it just blown away my mind.

        We are Humans we think by our brain… Our brain gets blood. This is Biology.

        But when we get tensed, bad time , stress , happiness makes us imbalance of blood flow which regulates blood… and starts make psychological stuffs.

        So our thoughts might be imperfect…. dues to some physical activity.

        Or imperfect due to our mere knowledge

        Or imperfect due to ego

        Or imperfect due to ” lost tge ability of learning ”

        Or Imperfect thoughts of darkness hiding the real thoughts

        Or imperfect of idealogy…

        But but …

        The word ” imperfectly Perfect thoughts” are one which is unique thing..
        Which is beyond thoughts, a bold effort lies in this to say our societies disabilities and inner imperfections. To reach others through your beautiful writings are beginning of ” self realized writer ” . Your one.

        “Shruthi is a very much important in Music, which handles flow of rhythmic sense…of tunes…. I tried to match shruthi when I sing…

        “Perfectly Perfect shruthi is necessary in Music ”

        Writen something about your thoughts and your name of course.
        God bless ! 😉

      2. Gosh..That was so much of me I could read. By far one of best comments..thanks for your effort!
        You really are incredible..n imperfectly perfect thoughts was a name which had strike on my mind and then I had a thought that..
        In the world of imperfections it’s okay to be imperfectly prefect!
        Judy randomly thinking I invented this quote and tried exploring myself through this medium.
        N surely shruti means musical tune and music is something which is most close to my heart 😌💜

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