Einstein – Super star of Physics, An Article [with a Oil Painting]

I’m happy that the Telecast of TV series “Genius” is widely accepted as a popular show, this is the Biopic of great physicist ever lived. His passion to the curiosity made him to fall in the category of genius. i watch them. Here I have Written on these a Fundamental Question asked by Einstein. Also, a Portrait of him.

The secret of creation and its path of evolution

mystery of creation is so mysterious

Philosophy is not a logic … Physics we have done is much still !

the answer to laws of nature , which govern motion,current,energy,gravity

forces Etc are not equalized. the harmony of them are still been unsolved.

How the space-time curve establishes a Transcendental force?

human mathematical knowledge is no minimal!

Einstein did not finish that job

The cause of the Mahaspota (Big-bang) is not properly understood

How is the creation of energy needed for the Great Flood?

Oh! This brand is an anonymity

Who does not know where come from

However, the mystery of creation is mysterious….

– Akshay Kumar [ 13/03/2013]

In his Days, Einstein asked many fundamental questions which were building blocks of science. His legacy of ideas is immortal. New Discoveries are happening and people remembering Einstein…

To say few, Recent discovery of “Gravitational wave” is one such example, which was conceptually idealized by Einstein in his initial days. many things are going to be derived from the genius ideas.


25 thoughts on “Einstein – Super star of Physics, An Article [with a Oil Painting]

    1. Thank you so much, a physics ignorant person might ignore the physics, but physical things happening will happen… and A great quest on the nature and its happenings are the physics main concern. so anyone can study physics. happy you liked it…

    1. Sure Sumedha, I have met SN Bose student once in Bangalore.. he said his intelligence and Physics works were underrated.. yeah definitely love to write about Bose…. He made us proud by Bosans… which now famous as Higgs Bosan (god particle )

      1. Also, I do not know the credibility to the story….
        Once Einstein himself said “There are one and a half people who understand relativity….. Half-me and one-SN Bose!”

      2. exactly… SN bose was in Presidency college, He was the first person to Translate Einstein work into english (which were actually in german )…

      3. yeah…Thank you.. but the Student is also now great physicist his name is Partha Ghose.(Theoretical Physicist).

      4. Not Both because their is something else better than these above, sure you will be shocked. but this is true… but for time being Loop quantum gravity is feasible.

      5. yeah strings grabbed eyes… lots of people said me also.. we in college talk about it…. 🙂 😉

      6. Ha ha LOL. .. nothing like that..
        Have a great time… Their are quite good number of books on these topics.. read if possible.

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