Curse of forgetfulness – A Poem [with a Oil Painting]

I once read a book by Kalidasa, Abhijñānashākuntala.. the form of character which is developed by Kalidasa during 4th Century is remarkable. A poem i written so long i’m sharing here

I have Tried to make a Big play into a small Poem , and a Oil Painting of Shakuntala. Here find a Poem

Curse of forgetfulness – A Poem

The Forest Flower was hidden so far

Her pleasing beauty was a matter of thing

Chirping birds carried them all the way and rabbits too

She was deity of God, nature , please her beauty

All her belongings show virtue, because she wears them

Nevertheless, she loves it all from the heart

One fine day, went far jungle with her friends

To explore the blossom of attar in the forest

A prince was on the way

Look her, she is no less than Princes

He says “A Diamond crown in the mud of dirt”!!

How can forest hide the golden lotus…

He mesmerized by her beauty,

Met her and holds her breath,

She got pause of her breath, she blinks her respect to him

Both of them dissolved in a divine love

Transcendental soul of them combined together

Whole jungle responded “wow”

He takes his Princely ring and handed over to her pretty hand

This was witnessed with sun, rainbow, Soundly rain and a tune of birds

She ran with shyness, never before experience to her

Her chin with redness and a happy smile

Days went on….

A sad story begins in her life

She got curse of forgetfulness

She lost her princely ring

In a flowing water, aqua swallows the princely ring

Fisherman founds it with royal stamp

Thinks to return it to royal king

Shakuntala went to the royal kingdom

To meet King, the man of wisdom

The curse of forgetfulness prevents him to recognize her

He reacts as stranger, she says her past

Story of Shakuntala ends with audiences….

Suddenly Fisherman rushed, says “I got something of yours Majesty …!

Finds his princely ring, solves curse of forgetfulness

Dushyantha , gives her a royal hug

They live happy forever

– Akshay Kumar [ 16.03.15]


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