Beauty of Eyes – A  Poem [ With a Pencil Sketch ]

Interesting thing about this small poem is, I have done an Pencil Sketch i wanted a caption , the caption came into my mind was… beauty of eyes.. then i written these lines..

Beauty of Eyes –  A Poem

A Day Dreamer Says frankly

Never ever look Her Directly

Her eyes can murder you in no time!

Just found it now, Died lots of time…

But I go run all the way to meet her

She knows I’m no less than Romeo

But she always gives me a cameo

She is a princes of her own courtyard

But don’t think as your backyard

Having a Trick to meet her will be a certain flop

Because mind goes block and says Stop Stop!

This is no wonder, she is so beautiful

But having trouble with an eye

She says bye bye…!!!!

Akshay Kumar [03/05/16]

Here is My Pencil Sketch Art by ©Akshay kumar


51 thoughts on “Beauty of Eyes – A  Poem [ With a Pencil Sketch ]

      1. I do it often…but now I started to use my Sketches as feature image instead pic’s…
        Sure I’m gonna do them..

  1. That reminds me of my blog. please follow my blog and let me know what you think of it.. I post up my sketchings or drawings and poetry at the bottom. Thanking you in advance.

    1. Really, but isn’t good enough compared real time clicks you got through camera…
      Thank you 🙂 😉

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