My view on – “SONG OF DIVINE LOVE” 

When I close my eyes and think about the peaceful place in the universe. I get My Lord’s Grace Ashram in front of my eyes. This is because our beloved Mathaji who was living there , with Divine fragrance all around beautiful place. But when I’m writing this post , she was no more !

Where one used to learn Art and craft , one can learn Yoga,meditation , life values to live the life at fullest.

I think it was afternoon,  when I asked my mathaji to give some books from her room to read. books were not arranged in bookshelf.  They were kept in an wooden almirah. It was then , my eyes paid attention on the book. That was “Song of Divine Love “. I asked mathaji , Mathaji Can I take this books with me ? She replied happily , “Sure !” I was always Enthralled with physics theories , but when it comes to the spirituality my virtual guru  shivananda books are my favourite. I then took that book to home. Usually I read books while travelling ( as My college is far from my home ) . When I can manage time after Music riyaz/voice culture , guitar practice I take some of these books to read. Of course my graduate books are studied accordingly.

A special Words on Books – Why Students not Read Reference / Books….!

” A person is a book worm who reads his books written for syllabus only,  given by university or a School.. “

A person who only reads books written for any of academics is a bookworm, But we have to read books with a higher perspectives and multidimensional topic.                If suppose if it’s for ” Composite Materials , then I think book by JN Reddy -Famous  Scientist worked in NASA and Authored many books. He himself published many papers. if someone reading these type of books for his Degree to understand the syllabus of curriculum will be a very good choice. but a limitation of time , amount of time required for to assimilate the depth of knowledge given from some authored may require time to study. and sometimes these books for a student who want nothing more than marks will not get benefited by These books. a education system being the conflict for this problem.

    Might be bit confusing why involved the academics here , that is because due to so many things we need not leave, our interest on these things, at least an attempt is appreciated.  Because the Class of reading books becoming diminish day by day. The students from School and universities are reading for the sake of marks and just completion of degree. An finest books from Top dignity is left for a reason , they take much time to complete and understand. This reminded me books about sivananda are also some them. Which is mostly read by few… but I feel we need a friend for life , who helps in experiencing the life of others. More precisely. It’s Book. So one such book is ” Song of Divine Love ” by Santananda Saraswati. It’s a small book which describes about vedanta, Divinity,  Lord Shiva And lastly The mother nature. Reading the ” Tune of Love behind this “song”  .  When Swami SANTANANDA SARASWATI says

Echo of song – dedicated : During the eve of her long Journey, she was followed by a,loving divinity when she glanced ,wondering, “Is she the same ?” To find out all,about her “game”, oh that was a loving look of recognition! . Through our eyes , a mutual smile beamed,just with an “AUM” our Link resumed!  

In this book the price of the book is printed as ” Divine love ” which is another soothing and inspiring thing which those monks and saints added. Lots more to say about this small book , but an introduction is given in this post.

A saintly mother had once related to me that there was a particular place in their compound which would always look uneven, popping out,however much they tried to make it look smooth and a pain.

Their efforts having failed repeatedly,  they had to dig up the place, deep , taking out the dirty, filthy mud, pebbles and all and lo; to find what ? Deep , deep , below , they found, to their joy and surprise,a beautiful objects of worship,  God in an image, discovered!  They installed this beautiful one in a temple! .

So also, the ” uneven ” , the ” rough “, the “ugly”, the “lower self “, the “out of tune” notation, the filth and dirt are covering up the beautiful divine, that is inclined to come to come up after expelling all that is “filthy “, “dirty ” , ” ugly “, “mudlike “, consisting of anger , vanity , egoism, passion, infatuation, desire etc .

Need to Know about Swami shivananda :

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