Music – A journey in unsung rhythm of infinite life.

Beauty of harmony, and expression of emotion in all the way to make solitude soul a happy is the main aim of music. In India Samaveda is the Veda of melodies and chants. Sama Veda is the earliest literature on music which we know today. Its natural incorporation of music, mantras, chhanda, linguistics, feelings , gratitude to almighty, happy mood..etc are its forms. Bronze Age civilization also called as indus valley civilization lost its shape in the first half of second millennium BC. Vedic civilization a supreme knowledge emerged thereafter, An important aspect of Vedic religious life was the bard-priest who composed hymns,to be sung or chanted at sacrifices. The tradition of music continued as a religious poetry.  and the poetry – a chanted poetry also took its birth.  Vedic religion was based on performing sacrifices in order to propitiate the gods. Music formed an important part of the rituals, which structured the sacrifice. In fact, singing, instrumental music and dance were described as divine in Vedic literature;  it was believed that they propitiated deities.


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