“MY VISIT TO COORG” [ A Story by Aishwarya balakrishna ] Guest Post #1

Science is not just to be read as a subject, its more important to make reality, in making fresh and good environment to survive. For the benefit of future generations by using a scientific tools. Physical science as a study emerging as a leading science branch but our inventions need to be neutralized to make clean and carbon free, which is stress and disease free atmosphere. In that context Aishwarya says about her native, which is mostly free from pollution… But here in Bangaluru ,Its is becoming more and more vulnerable towards its natural distractions/pollution. Aishwarya says ” This made her to visit her native in every vacations she gets and enjoy the colorful and great natural habitat. She written this article so beautifully which says fresh nature of coorg. ( which is her native ) please do read , which i’m sharing with you all.

[ Young Writer Series – Guest Post #1 ]

When I landed on that nature’s lap, sun was yet thinking of its rise,dark around and that looks very personal to spend those moments with my parents, not even a single street light is glowing,due to power cut.I managed to put my phone use as torch .Soon rushed a jeep,hopefully that was my sweet brother,who came for a pick up.

The reason of this visit is to meet my lovely granny and as soon as I reached home that was accomplished, spent sweet moments by sharing her my talks.

With all my relatives,I had some more special ones to welcome me, My Blacky and my Minnu.

A day again was completely spent playing with them,enjoying lonely the nature. I can say that my native is perfect place for my lone walk in the world. Nowhere else can give me such a peace of mind.

Here, sitting in IT Hub Bangalore,I dream of that natures call in most of my stressed out days.

According to me, the two methods is the best for stress relief.

One is to maintain silence internal and externally. Meditating in a silence environment, which is impossible here. And the second one,speak out to someone and my brother is one with whom I share almost every instances of my life.

And ultimately my goal is to relieve stress by the above two methods.

I did it successfully. More than that met all my family, feels so happy that I have many to love me. Many take me as aspiration, and that is my inspiration to go ahead.

– Aishwarya Balakrishna, Bangalore [July 16th 2016]


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