Age of universe

cosmology is the science of universe and large scale structure of begin in studies extensively by the begining of the 20th centuary by Albert einstien. the general theory of relativity which had sufficient ideology to construct mathematical models of the universe. and it given strong base by Edwin hubble's own measurements of hus constant. … Continue reading Age of universe


Physical optics is a branch of optics which deals with nature of light, mechanism of its production, emission and propagation through space. It deals with the phenomenon of Interference, Diffraction and Polarization of light. From the experimental observations, it is evident that light is form of energy. There are two methods of transfer of energy. (i) by stream … Continue reading FUNDAMENTAL THEORIES OF LIGHT


We humans always thrilled and fascinated by the play of star light which is spectacular to see through eyes to look and feel the cosmic acts which are present in this universe. So my article here presents the stellar spectral importance (SSI).